Welcome to the CS in Schools Australian Year 7 programme, “Introduction to Programming”.

This page is an introduction to the programme, it explains what content is contained in the course, the learning objectives, and the design of our lesson format.

The Quick Start Guide contains a guide to using the lessons, and you can find the lessons themselves on the home page of this site. We recommend also reading the quick start guide before you get started.


Overall student learning objectives:

  • Students gain an introductory understanding of programming using a general-purpose text-based coding language
  • Students experience success in coding small programs and completing exercises
  • Students incorporate visual- and literacy-based creative elements into their programs
  • Students have fun and gain confidence with programming and appreciate the relevance it has in their lives


For curriculum support, please contact Zach Wingrave at zach@csinschools.com.

License Information

These CS in Schools lessons plans, worksheets, and other materials were created by Toan Huynh and Hugh Williams. They are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.