Welcome to the support centre for the CS in Schools Year 7 programme, “Introduction to Coding”. Please refer to these support materials in addition to consulting with your teacher or industry volunteer if you have a question about the CS in Schools programme, our materials or the online resources we use in the delivery of our materials.

Our Resources

Frequently Asked Questionsyear7.io/faqA list of frequently asked questions pertaining to the Year 7 programme, “Introduction to Coding”.
Book a Consultationyear7.io/consultationBook an online or over-the-phone consultation session for personal support.

External Resources

NOTE: These links are external to CS in Schools. We do not own or operate any of the following websites and domains.

Googlesupport.google.comThe Google suite of productivity software. We make use of Google Drive, Docs, Slides, Sheets and a G-Suite domain with Gmail user accounts.
Slackslack.com/helpA professional communication tool. We make use of Slack for facilitating communication between our teachers and volunteers, as well as fostering a sense of community.
Repl.itdocs.repl.itAn online IDE and tool for learning programming. We make heavy use of the classroom feature specifically.


For more information, please contact Zach Wingrave at zach@csinschools.com.